Carol van den Akker & Suzan van den Hoogen on the 12.5-year anniversary of Carca Logistics

Carol van den Akker & Suzan van den Hoogen on the 12.5-year anniversary of Carca Logistics: “Never expected to build such a company with our conviction and determination.”

In January 2011, Carca Logistics was founded. Over the years, it has become your national and international transportation partner. Under the motto, “You have the best product, we provide the best transportation,” Carol van den Akker, CEO, and Suzan van den Hoogen, COO & CFO, have consistently innovated in the transportation of food, animal feed, and technical products, in any form necessary.

Carol says, “Who would have thought 12.5 years ago? What started with conviction and unprecedented determination has grown into a beautiful company with a loyal group of hardworking colleagues, and a continually expanding customer base for which we are very grateful.” Suzan adds, “We never shied away from any challenge, and nothing was, or is, too much for us. Hard work, full steam ahead, and building this company have always been our top priorities.”

Carca Logistics specializes in customized solutions, whether it is for one-time transport or regular transportation. Whether the product needs to be transported by road, water, rail, or air, you are guaranteed to have a single point of contact who not only thinks in terms of solutions but is also available 24/7. Furthermore, the company holds extensive certifications such as the GMP+ and ISO 22000 certificates.

Despite celebrating their 12.5-year anniversary, Carol and Suzan are far from idle. “We look forward to the future. Personally, I am someone who prefers to look ahead rather than dwell on the past. You can’t change yesterday, but you can change today and tomorrow,” Carol says. “Together with our customers and team, we want to develop more concepts and think more about partnerships to create a long-term vision.” Suzan adds, “There are many challenges involved in this. Availability of personnel, fuel prices, vehicle sustainability, and European legislation are good examples. These are all matters for which we will find answers in the future, but we must start working on them today or engage in discussions.”

In any case, Carca Logistics will focus even more on sustainability in the coming years. “It’s an important process that we have already started and gained a lot of experience in,” Carol enthusiastically explains. “The future starts today, and we thank everyone who has contributed to the establishment and growth of our wonderful company. Here’s to the next 12.5 years!” Carol and Suzan proudly conclude.