Fuel prices keep on rising

As of Monday morning (31-01), the fuel prices have gone up even more and reached their highest point since 2014. This increase in prices is not only due to the tensions at the Russian and Ukrainian border but also because of the high demand as a consequence of the recovery of the Corona crisis. If the fuel prices will go up even further this week, it would be the sixth week in a row. 

Suggested retail price

The Dutch average national suggested retail price for one litre of Euro 95 is higher than ever. Last weekend its price rose to 2.147 euro. Diesel rose to 1.5236 according to consumer collective UnitedCustomers. Therefore the suggested retail price of 1.842 for one litre of diesel is also historically high.

Last Monday morning (31-01), a vessel of American oil costs 1.2 per cent more with a price of 87.83 dollars. Brent oil also raised 1.2 per cent with a price of 91.14 dollars per vessel. 

Besides the increase in fuel price, the labour costs and insurances also increased considerably since this year’s beginning.

We as Carca Logistics do the best we can to cut the costs. We do this together with our customers by looking closely at what’s feasible for both parties.