Transporting your product by means of pallet transport offers many advantages:

  • Pallets contribute to a safe and expedient transport of products: you can load up to 1000 kgs on one pallet.
  • Pallet transport with Carca Logistics is cost reducing. If you have to transport several packages to the same address it often is more cost efficient to use pallet transport.

Pallets can be transported internationally using Carca Logistics’ services. We can deliver pallets to Germany, France and other countries across Europe and outside of Europe as well. Our vehicles can be opened top-side enabling loading by crane for those heavy or long loads. We can transport:

  • Storage racks
  • Packaged goods on pallets
  • Big bags
  • IBC’s
  • Roll containers

We also provide for the animal feed and foodstuffs industry with its own specific rules and regulations.