Sea transport

Your products, resources or stockpiles are located somewhere on the other side of the world and you need to transport them by seaborne cargo. Preferably with the same care and attention you are accustomed to from your regular carrier. As safe as we can, with the lowest degradation possible at the lowest price.

What is the best solution?

The benefits of deep – sea transport

Deep – sea transport in the traditional sense of box containers is a well known form of transport. In the transport of bulk product there are many interesting choices for the international transport of resources be it dry matter of liquids. For harbour to harbour transport we offer our clients an extensive array of services. We provide service for every kind of product. To provide this service we cooperate with international networking partners. Using this partnership Carca Logistics ships thousands of containers to countries across the globe anually.

Strategic cooperation is helping us to vastly expand our deep – sea network. We also carry liquids in bulk Including HCCP, GMP and technical products.

Door to door, harbour to harbour.