Tank transport

Transporting liquids requires specialized equipment depending on the characteristics of the cargo. A large part of our truck fleet that is suited to transport foodstuffs have insulated tanks that are able to keep the cargo at the desired temperature while moving or standing still. We have single room tanktrailers and multi room tanktrailers with varying capacities. This way we can provide transport for small volumes but also for different types of product in one tank.

Our truck fleet also provides the possibility to unload cargo using compressed air or by means of a hydraulic and/or electric pump.

When dealing with cargo that has an extreme high viscosity, for example chocolate or cacao liquor we can also provide the use of kippers. These trucks can be fitted with a pumping installation to keep the amount of residue to a minimum.

Whether the cargo consists of dairy, edible oils, fats, fruit juices, wines or cacao butter; we will always have a specialist available to transport these products in a conditioned or non-conditioned state.