Walkingfloor transport

Walkingfloor transport is one of our specialties. Using our walkingfloor trailers we move bulk products across the whole of Europe on a daily basis. A walkingfloor is an automated loading and unloading system in a semi trailer and has over 90 m3 of capacity. The walkingfloor trailers are most commonly used for the transport of animal feed (GMP) products. With our professional expertise and the capabilities of our truck fleet we provide excellent service in transporting bulk products.

The main advantage of a walkingfloor is that as long as the truck can enter the designated area we can unload your cargo at the specified place. This is an advantage when compared to kip-trailers (kippers) that may be able to enter the area but also need significant height to be able to unload.

Pallets can also be transported using walkingfloor.

We place a high value on quality.